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Maison Roux, an artisanal biscuit factory specialized in making authentic old-fashioned macaroons, true to the original recipe from the Languedoc and Provence regions ...

THE MACAROON "Original recipe"
The traditional macaroon is a soft cookie whose main ingredient is almond. In the original recipe, there is no ganache or cream.
Passionate about taste
We use natural raw materials that we carefully select. All of our recipes are slightly sweet to best express our many flavours...
Certified quality
All our products are certified ORGANIC, without GLUTEN, without LACTOSE and without preservatives...

Certified organic

All our macaroons and our other delicacies are certified organic by Ecocert

Gluten free

The macaroon is a naturally GLUTEN FREE cookie. We make sure that all of our recipes are gourmet and GLUTEN FREE. The word GLUTEN FREE is indicated on all our packaging

Lactose free

The macaroon is a naturally lactose-free cookie. We make sure that all our recipes are delicious and lactose-free. The mention Lactose Free is indicated on all our packaging

Occitania Products

All our products are made in Occitania and are labeled Sud de France.

Without preservatives

Because we campaign for taste and authenticity, we don't use any artificial preservatives. Our commitment is verifiable on the list of ingredients on all labels

Healthy recipes

So that our recipes are tasty and better for the health, they contain, in particular, the minimum of sugar necessary. We only use cane sugar ...

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