We are an artisanale biscuit factory specialized in making authentic old-fashioned macaroons, true to the original recipe from the Languedoc and Provence regions.

The concept behind Maison Roux is to refresh a traditional product while staying true to values of authenticity.
Alain ROUX
/ Directeur

Certified organic

All our macaroons and our other delicacies are certified organic by Ecocert

Gluten free

The macaroon is a naturally GLUTEN FREE cookie. We make sure that all of our recipes are gourmet and GLUTEN FREE. The word GLUTEN FREE is indicated on all our packaging

Lactose free

The macaroon is a naturally lactose-free cookie. We make sure that all our recipes are delicious and lactose-free. The mention Lactose Free is indicated on all our packaging

Occitania Products

All our products are made in Occitania and are labeled Sud de France.

Without preservatives

Because we campaign for taste and authenticity, we don't use any artificial preservatives. Our commitment is verifiable on the list of ingredients on all labels

Healthy recipes

So that our recipes are tasty and better for the health, they contain, in particular, the minimum of sugar necessary. We only use cane sugar ...

Our Values

Authentic recipes

The macaroon, a thousand-year-old cookie ...

Artisan of taste

We are an authentic, artisan biscuit maker registered in the directory of trades ...

Organic, ethical and responsible

All the ingredients we select are organic and fair-trade ...

Protéger l'environnement

We are committed to a Zero waste approach ...

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The history of Maison Roux, and the Provençal and Languedoc macaroon

Maison Roux was created to bring a traditional biscuit up to date, grounded in the values of authenticity ...

Maison Roux is an artisanal manufacturing atelier specialized in baking macaroon biscuits true to the authentic recipe served at the tables of the Counts of Provence and Languedoc in the early Middle Ages. The traditional macaroon is a soft almond based cookie. In the original recipe, there is no ganache or cream.

"A thousand-year-old cookie"

Originally from the Mediterranean basin, the cradle of almond trees, the macaroon has gradually spread across France since the early Middle Ages. It can be found today across France with variations according to terroirs and regional cultures. Inspired by the past, "Maison Roux" brings the Provençal macaron or Languedoc macaron, up to date. Traditionally, due to hot and dry summers in Mediterranean countries, people used to place the 2 shells against each other to keep the biscuit moist for longer.

Our mindset

Passionate about taste, we use natural raw materials that we select rigorously ...

"Enjoy as part of a healthy and balanced diet ..."

Authentic flavors come through as we use a minimum amount of ingredients to make our macaroons and other specialities. To ensure that each flavor is fully expressed, we sweeten our recipes to a mimum, and do not use preservatives. Whenever possible, we work with local suppliers (eg: Chestnuts from the Cévennes, Fleur de sel from Camargue, etc.).

"An ethical and responsible approach promoting solidarity and zero waste"

Our macaroons are mainly sold in bulk directly, in organic stores and in bulk grocery stores. Our workshop is open to all. It is possible to watch the manufacturing process through a large bay window overlooking our laboratory.

Our quality labels

Certifications and labels confirm quality, ethics and craftsmanship. They reassure consumers on the quality of the products they purchase. All our specialties and our raw materials are certified organic, labelled "Sud de France" and are guaranteed gluten-free, lactose-free and preservative-free.


We are certified ORGANIC by Ecocert France. The European organic label guarantees the consumer that the products are truly ORGANIC.

Gluten Free and Lactose Free

Our products are guaranteed and labelled "Gluten Free" and "Lactose Free".

Sud de France

Our products are labelled "Sud de France BIO" which guarantees the authenticity of the recipes and that we make all our specialites in Occitania using regional products whenever possible.

Artisan Occitan

We are a craft company registered in the directory of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Montpellier under the number 750 675 258 RM34.

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